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Currently: 70.9, Min: 60.4, Max: 70.3
70.9°F  rising


Feels like: 71°F
Inside: 70.5°F
Pool: 69.1°F
  High Low
Today: 70.3°F (11:35 am) 60.4°F (5:43 am)
Yesterday: 71.4°F (4:31 pm) 62.8°F (2:14 am)
Month: 94.3°F (Sep 7) 50.5°F (Sep 16)
Year: 94.8°F (Jul 28) 15.3°F (Feb 4)


Rain Today:0.00 in

Rain Rate/hr:0.00 in

Yesterday:0.13 in

This Month:3.73 in

Season Total:28.21 in


Wind from WSW

Wind from WSW
0.9 mph

0 Bft

0.0 mph

Gust today:
6.9 mph at 9:33 am


Sun:   sunrise  7:00 am sunset  7:03 pm

Daylight hh:mm 12:02 ( -2 minute)

Moon:  moonrise  5:14 pm moonset  2:01 am

Waxing Gibbous,  79% Illuminated

Humidity & Barometer

Humidity: steady 82%

Dew Point: falling 65.1°F

Barometer: falling 30.03 inHg

Trend: Steady

Solar Radiation

258 W/m2 (33%)

High: 388 @  11:43 am

UV Index more information

Now: 2.2    Low 

Max: 2.7 @  11:43 am

Last updated: Sep 25 2023  11:50 am => 11:53 am  seconds ago 

Air quality for Beaverdam, VA - Click on an image to enlarge it - For more information visit

img   img   img   img
Good Moderate Unhealthy-Sensitive Groups Unhealthy Very Unhealthy Hazardous

, - Air quality forecast  

Current 0       
     1 2 3 4 5 6
     Forecast issued at:

UV Index Forecast 

The UV Index Forecast is currently not available

weather forecast (summary)  more information

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 Forecast from NOAA-NWS for

Details 2 day graphical forecast for Mantico Hill more information 2 day graphical forecast for Mantico Hill

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Davis VP2+ with 24-Hour Fan Aspirated Radiation Shield


Raspberry Pi 2 Model B